Brain development in early childhood

We recently reviewed a report written by Samantha Baker from the Telethon Kids Institute and it was talking about Brain development in early childhood.

There was a number of highlights within this article which we encourage you to have a read of, as we found it valuable knowledge for families.

  • During the first few years of life, more than 1 million neural
    connections are formed within the brain every second;
    these neurons and their connections are the
    “bricks, mortar and wiring” of brain-building.
  • How a child experiences the world in the early years can literally shape
    the structure and function of their brain.
  • Safe and nurturing relationships strengthen the neural pathways and
    connections in a young child’s brain to provide a stable foundation
    for lifelong health and wellbeing.
  • If a child is exposed to “toxic stress” such as extreme
    poverty, neglect or abuse, the architecture of the
    developing brain is weakened.
  • However, the experience of at least one stable and
    responsive relationship with a parent or caregiver can
    help protect against the damaging effects of toxic stress
    on children’s brain development.