Plastic bottle lids for the Envision Hands Project

Our Harbour Town Centre is collecting plastic bottle lids as part of the Envision Hands Project. The bottle tops ( no. 2 and 4 plastic) are recycled and the plastic is used to make prosthetic limbs from a 3D printer. These prosthetic limbs are being sent to Third world countries supporting those in need.

This is truly a worthwhile project, not only are we promoting sustainable practices and supporting children’s awareness about recycling but it has an enormous humanitarian benefit. Please find attached some information about the Envision Hands project as well as a photo of one of the first prosthetic hands provided to a child in India.

Can you please start collecting the lids and our children will assist into sorting into the correct categories of plastic. If you have any business or contacts in the broader community that may also be able to collect the lids we would appreciate you assisting with collecting on our behalf.

As a community, we can work together to promote sustainable practices as well as supporting such a worthwhile project – turning waste into opportunity!