Vacation Care Overview

Our Vacation Care children have enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities and exploring their local environment.

They explored the coastal environment along the Paradise Point Parklandsforeshore investigating the elements of natural science around them.

Several children opted to dig a deep hole to attempt to find water. They persevered and worked in collaboration as the hole became deeper and they reached the underlying water. They reflected upon what they had learnt at school about water.

Some children delighted in finding small crabs and yabbies taking care as they investigated what they had found then safely and respectfully returned these back to their surrounding habitat.

The soft sand was ideal to support their opportunity to relax and enjoy the serenity or engage in more physical activities with opportunity for running and digging – a perfect way to enjoy their school holidays with caring and engaged educators.

It has been a great balance of activities – Putt Putt Golf, Movies, Tenpin Bowling, Cooking and even Candle Making as well as many opportunities to play active games; visit parks; interact with friends; learn new games and be involved in creative experiences.