Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care children enjoyed engaging with our local community as they explored the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens.

They commenced their adventure on the Kaialgumm Indigenous Games Trail before becoming fascinated by the amount of wildlife they observed around them.

To their delight they watched black swans gliding upon the water; ducks and their ducklings hiding amongst the rocks and watched an eel. This prompted much discussion about what the eel was doing and if it was an electric eel or not. It was great to hear and see the children showing a genuine interest in the natural world around them. As their educators encouraged them to continue looking to see what other wildlife they could find they spotted 3 owls in the trees above them.

The playground created a wonderful opportunity for putting their physical skills to the test and working together as a team. The children encouraged and supported each other as they made their way along a suspended log.

This challenged their balance and stability but also gave them a great sense of satisfaction when they made it all the way across. The opportunity to walk through the sensory garden and use the information panels added to their already enjoyable experience. They finished off their day with a cool and relaxing swim at the Harbour Town Swim Academy. Healthy, active and fun times at our Vacation Care Program!