What to do if you find a child unattended in a car

A special message from our friends at Kidsafe Queensland

If you find a child unattended in a car, follow these steps:
1. Look for parents or carers.
2. If they can’t be located, if the child is distressed or you are concerned about their health, don’t delay and call 000- ask for the Fire Brigade.
3. Give your location, vehicle registration number, the approximate age of the child and the condition of the child.
4. If the car is unlocked, open the doors and shield the windows with a blanket etc.
5. Wait for emergency services or safely try to remove the child from the vehicle if you are concerned about the child’s condition.
On a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be up to 30 -40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Make sure you take your children with you and never leave them alone in a car – not even for a minute!.