Woolworths Kids Discovery Tour

What a great morning out our Kindyland Kids Centres had while on the Woolworths Kids Discovery Tour! The children all received a carrot or apple hat to wear as they toured around the bakery, fruit and veg, meat and poultry, and milk areas of the Runaway Bay Woolworths.

Our tour guides allowed the children to wear hair nets and go inside the bakery to poke and prod at some dough that goes into the ovens to cook bread rolls. The children spoke about all the healthy fruits and veg they could see and used their senses to feel and taste some of them.

We got a bit cold as we walked through the meat section and freezer section where the meat and milk are kept. The children got to observe a Woolworths butcher filleting a beautiful piece of salmon in the seafood section!

The group also walked through the back room to see what happens to all the cardboard as it gets recycled through a machine. The children also enjoyed eating a fresh fruit platter, making their own skewers of watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries, pineapple and grapes, all while discussing how healthy and yummy it tasted.

At the end of the tour, the children got to choose a piece of fruit to take home as they scanned it themselves at the register and put it in their Woolies bag!