NAIDOC Week Activities

Immersing themselves in NAIDOC Week activities, the children from our Harbour Town Centre explored texture, form, colour and weaving, through a series of self-lead creative activities.

Centre Kindergarten Teacher Miss Hayley was on hand to help the active little learners individually explore each creative area, suggesting that each child benefits greatly from the play-based exercises, as it helps them to become more informed about our countries heritage while building their own confidence and skills.

Children had the opportunity to choose an activity area of interest to them. Through natural discussions, the meaning and relevance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture were explored in a respectful and authentic manner. A balance is created between child-initiated, co-constructed and teacher-initiated learning.

“Each opportunity or experience teaches the children something different, but it’s self-exploratory, so each child can go at their own pace and feel confident in their own abilities and be proud of the end product”.  Said Miss Hayley.

“These type’s of activities really bring out the children’s creative side and we love seeing them create, explore and develop with each new activity. It’s also great that we can promote children’s learning about the importance of NAIDOC Week, and celebrate Australia’s diversity. This provides us with opportunities to keep building upon our awareness and understanding throughout the year as we embed respect for all cultures within our centre and community” Said Miss Tenika – centre educator.